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There are many facets to J2EE Web application development. It's a powerful platform that offers a variety of possibilities and capabilities, with many different approaches and models of development available. This is both a strength and, for newcomers to the platform, an Achilles' heel. In this installment of Journeyman J2EE, we look at the many sides of J2EE development with a focus on the diversity, dichotomy, and divided opinions that can challenge even experienced developers, but especially newcomers. Consider these some warning signs on the road to J2EE. So Much to Learn, Who to Believe? In the previous Journeyman J2EE (JDJ, Vol. 6, issue 9) I discussed the importance of continuous learning as a J2EE Web application developer, especially for those making the transition from other platforms such as ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion. This extends beyond the obvious matters ... (more)

Testing Existence in Arrays

Have you ever wanted to test if a given array element exists? Or when dealing with arrays of structures, if a given key exists? Both are challenging if you try to use IsDefined(). This article addresses why IsDefined() fails in both cases when working with arrays. Part 1: Testing for Existence with an Array The first problem arises in the following example: you have an array with four items, but the two in the middle don't have any value (not an empty string, but no array elements at two of the array positions). Consider the following code: more)

Using Extended Find and Replace in Studio

Ever had to find all the references to a given string among all the files in your application? And how about in all the files in any of several subdirectories, perhaps in your web root? Even more challenging, have you wanted to change occurrences of a string in such a large number of files? Studio's Extended Find and Extended Replace commands are just the ticket. Available in Studio from the Search command on the menu bar, or the shortcuts Ctrl-Shift-F and Ctrl-Shift-R, the commands are a real timesaver. Among the many features of the commands are that you can: run either command ... (more)

Datasource Name Case Sensitivity

It may be hard to believe, but there are times when you should pay careful attention to case (use of upper and lower case letters) when spelling the datasource name in a CFQUERY tag. Case sensitivity is a common issue in Unix environments, but there is an issue that can arise unexpectedly in Windows environments. If you issue an updating statement (SQL INSERT, UPDATE, or Delete) or CFUPDATE/CFINSERT tag in one template and use CFLOCATION to go to another template to do a query against the same datasource to displays the record(s) you just updated, and the case of the datasource ... (more)

CF Advisor Interviews Allaire's Adam Berrey

CF Advisor (P.C.) - We'd like to find out what's going on with ColdFusion these days. You guys released version 4.5 just launching right now … Berrey - That's right, at today's session [of the 1st Annual Allaire Developer Conference] we announced ColdFusion 4.5 and in this release we've really had three focuses. The first and really the most important is that we've made ColdFusion native on UNIX and we've released a version for Linux. So this is really one of the first proven web application servers that is now going to be available on the Linux platform. The second thing we've d... (more)