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In my work as an Allaire-certified instructor, students often ask questions, and while the courses address most of them, they sometimes have some really interesting ones that I know have been asked and answered before. Often they'll be the frequently asked ones, but occasionally they have some really specific needs that may not be that common. In such cases I try not to just answer the question but also point them to resources where they can find such answers themselves in the future. In this month's Journeyman column I'd like to carry on that notion of "teaching a person to fish" by identifying various available resources - Web sites, e-mail services, print materials and so on where you can learn more about working with ColdFusion. My special focus will be on resources where you can get questions answered. This may mean a searchable resource, or it may mean a place y... (more)

Hidden Gems in 4.0.1

Given that most people are now introducing and installing ColdFusion version 4.5, Allaire's latest release of the server and studio software, it may seem strange to read an article on 4.0.1. Isn't 4.0.1 old news? And anyway, wasn't it just a maintenance fix? There were new features introduced in the release. While the Allaire Release Notes and Web highlight pages mentioned several of the more prominent features, there were still more - far more - than you would expect in a mere maintenance release. I've counted more than 60 new features or changes, and many of them aren't well do... (more)

Datasource Name Case Sensitivity

It may be hard to believe, but there are times when you should pay careful attention to case (use of upper and lower case letters) when spelling the datasource name in a CFQUERY tag. Case sensitivity is a common issue in Unix environments, but there is an issue that can arise unexpectedly in Windows environments. If you issue an updating statement (SQL INSERT, UPDATE, or Delete) or CFUPDATE/CFINSERT tag in one template and use CFLOCATION to go to another template to do a query against the same datasource to displays the record(s) you just updated, and the case of the datasource ... (more)

Fun with Filters in CFMX

There are a lot of powerful new integration points between CFMX and Java, but one that might benefit a lot of people - even those who don't know how to program in Java - is the ability to leverage servlet filters in CFMX. A filter is a Java program that can be used to execute before and/or after your CF template. More than just running some code in advance, a filter can also manipulate the request (the HTTP stream) that is calling your template, and can change how, or even if, your template is run, or cause some other template or code to run first. It can also manipulate the outpu... (more)

Profiling CFML at the Tag Level, Finally!

The ability to view tag-level execution profiling (the amount of time spent on each tag in a request) is no longer a dream, and it opens up powerful new forms of debugging and performance tuning. The Problem: Tools We Lack Most CFML developers know that both ColdFusion and BlueDragon can be configured to show debugging info at the bottom of a page, which shows (among other things) the total time spent on a request and in each template within that request. But how often have you wished you could see the time spent on each tag within the request? This would really help in determini... (more)