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If you're using Microsoft Access as the datasource for a CF application, you should be very careful about the placement of that database file (the .mdb file) on your web server. It's very tempting to simply place it in the same directory as the application's CF templates, but this would be a potentially grave mistake. If someone can determine (or guess) the name of the file, they can download it very easily via their browser by entering a URL with that directory and file name. The risk to your data, especially any privacy data, is substantial! The simple solution is to place the file anywhere else on the web server which is not a web-accessible directory. Keep in mind that the database needs only to be accessed by the CF server, not by a browser user directly. The datasource definition in the CF administrator can find the file anywhere on the CF server. There's no ... (more)

Using Saved Queries in the Query Builder

If you "save" the query instead (either by using the left-most icon at the top of the query builder or by simply closing the query builder once you've created or modified one), this saved query is presented in a list of all such queries that have been saved for the given datasource (presented below the list of tables for that datasource, as shown in the database tab). You can then drag and drop such a saved query onto your CFML code. You can also change a saved query by double-clicking on it in the just-mentioned list of saved queries. Note, however, that once a query is dropped... (more)

CF Advisor Interviews Allaire's Adam Berrey

CF Advisor (P.C.) - We'd like to find out what's going on with ColdFusion these days. You guys released version 4.5 just launching right now … Berrey - That's right, at today's session [of the 1st Annual Allaire Developer Conference] we announced ColdFusion 4.5 and in this release we've really had three focuses. The first and really the most important is that we've made ColdFusion native on UNIX and we've released a version for Linux. So this is really one of the first proven web application servers that is now going to be available on the Linux platform. The second thing we've d... (more)

Fun with Filters in CFMX

There are a lot of powerful new integration points between CFMX and Java, but one that might benefit a lot of people - even those who don't know how to program in Java - is the ability to leverage servlet filters in CFMX. A filter is a Java program that can be used to execute before and/or after your CF template. More than just running some code in advance, a filter can also manipulate the request (the HTTP stream) that is calling your template, and can change how, or even if, your template is run, or cause some other template or code to run first. It can also manipulate the outpu... (more)

Flash for CFers:Getting over the Hump

Where do you stand in the march of CF developers moving toward implementing Flash interfaces in your Web apps? Are you gung ho? Still on the fence? Dead set against it? Feeling left out? Left behind? In this month's Journeyman ColdFusion column, I'd like to take up the cause of Flash for CFers. In particular, if you're a developer who's been feeling left out or left behind, or simply challenged to understand most articles and books on the subject, take heart. In this article, I will share some observations and insights to help get you on the right path. As I say in my user group ... (more)